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Heading Home - Adapting a Clinical Mixed Reality Rehabilitation System for Patients' Home Use

Chris Heinrich, University of Otago

Tobias Langlotz, University of Otago

Holger Regenbrecht, University of Otago

Augmenting Communication Between Hearing Parents and Deaf Children

Ashely Tenesaca, University of Rochester

Jung Yun Oh, Rice University

Crystal Lee, University of Rochester

Wanyin Hu, University of Rochester

Zhen Bai, University of Rochester

Exploring the Design Space of an Augmented Display for Conveying Facial Expressions for People with Autism

SeungA Chung, Ewha Womans University

Uran Oh, Ewha Womans University

Computational Glasses: Vision Augmentations Using Computational Near-eye Optics and Displays

Jonathan Sutton, University of Otago

Tobias Langlotz, University of Otago

Yuta Itoh, Tokyo Institute of Technololgy

Accessibility of Immersive Serious Games for Persons with Cognitive Disabilities

Pascal Guitton, University of Bordeaux

Hélène Sauzeon, University of Bordeaux

Pierre-Antoine Cinquin, University of Bordeaux


Anon-Emoji: An Optical See-through Augmented Reality System for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to Promote Understanding of Facial Expression and Emotions

Ran Sun, Cornell Tech

Harald Haraldsson, Cornell Tech

Yuhang Zhao, Cornell Tech

Serge Belongie, Cornell Tech


Accessible by Design: An Opportunity for Virtual Reality

Martez Mott, Microsoft Research, Redmond

Edward Cutrell, Microsoft Research, Redmond

Mar Gozalez Franco, Microsoft Research, Redmond

Christian Holz, Microsoft Research, Redmond

Eyal Ofek, Microsoft Research, Redmond

Meredith Ringel Morris, Microsoft Research, Redmond